• Workshop Practice Lab
  • Foundry and Forging Lab 
  • Metallographic & Material Testing Lab
  • Machine Shop Lab
  • Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Lab
  • Energy conversion Lab -
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab -
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation Lab
  • Design Lab
  • Department Library- Separate department library is maintained to enhance the knowledge of both faculty and students of Mechanical Engineering discipline. Stream wise books are maintained which gives immense knowledge in the specific field. Photocopies of some rare books are also maintained to impart the technicality of mechanical engineering. 
  • Department Forum- Mechanical Engineering department has started forum by name Yantrika during the academic year 2014-15. Many events like GATE awareness program, NTTF training program, Technical events for students, Mock placement program etc have been conducted under this forum. 



The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common which is perfectly suitable to our college and our department. Our teachers are caring, encouraging & motivate us to take up new challenges. They are creative, knowledgeable & always enthusiastic to teach.Strict discipline standards are maintained in the college, yet giving us freedom to enjoy our students life.

Students of CSE Dept.

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