Master of Business Administration Department

About Department

Jain Institute of Technology, MBA Programme is started in the year 2011 with aim of providing quality education with practical exposure. Apart from academics, our MBA students undergo different training programmes like placement, soft skills and industry interface for their career development. We offer three specializations to the students in the area of marketing management, financial management, human resource management and dual specializations. Jain Institute of technology, MBA programme imparts management education in a very cohesive, disciplined and professional investment. The Institute leaves on stone unturned to prepare its students as perfect decision makers and pathfinding managers.


List of Events

1) Celebrated “Teachers day” on 5 th September 2022

2) Organised Workshop on “Career Connect Program” on 18 th September 2022

3) Conducted “Selling activity” on 17 th August 2022

4) Organised Workshop on “Financial Markets and Wealth Creation” on 30 th June 2022

5) Conducted a “Leadership Survey” by students on 30 th May 2022

6) Organised Seminar on “Essence of Organization Leadership” on 24 th May 2022

7) Organised workshop on “Communication and Team Building Skills” on 13 th May 2022

8) Celebrated International “Mothers Day” on 10 th May 2022

9) Organised Online “Training programme on Placement” conducted by Life Skills Company

from 4 th April to 14 th April 2022.

10) Organised Workshop on “Digi Payments” on 17 th March 2022

11) Organised workshop on “Effective Business Plan Preparation for Beginners” on 08th March 2022

12) Organised Workshop on “Fundamentals of Research” on 24 th February 2022

13) Organised online workshop on “Entrepreneurship Skill, Behaviour and Attitudes”

Development on 18 th January 2022

14) Organised Workshop on “Money Management and Financial Markets” on 11 th January 2022

15) Organised Industrial Visit to “Maharaja Soaps Industries Pvt Ltd” Davangere on 24 th

December 2021

16) Organised Online Workshop on “Developing Online repository of Ideas developed and way

forward plan” on 30 th November 2021

17) Organised workshop on “Innovative styles to employability in start ups- Unlock true

potential” on 25 th November 2021







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