• Analog Electronics Lab 

This laboratory provides the core knowledge of different components like Resistors, Inductor, Capacitor, diodes, transistors, function generator, cathode ray oscilloscope for conducting experiments of Series and Parallel Resonance, clippers, campers, amplifier, oscillators, and verification of different theorems.

  • Logic Design Lab 

The logic behind the IC’s is the base knowledge for any electronics students, hence this lab provides the in-depth knowledge of various logic gates IC’s. There are separate IC testing kits, trainer kits and testing instruments.

  •  Power Electronics Lab

This deals with the application of solid state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power. This lab provides knowledge of circuitry for the control and conversion of electric power with efficiency.  RC Controlled half wave and full wave rectifier kits, inverter kits are present in this lab.

  • Microcontroller Lab

The purpose of Microcontroller lab is to familiarize the students with developing practical applications using 8051 microcontroller. 8051 development kits with external interface modules are provided for hands-on experience. The applications are written in assembly and C language using KEIL IDE (evaluation version) from Atmel Corp.

  • Measurement And Circuit Simulation Lab

The purpose of Measurement and circuit simulation lab is to familiarize the students with techniques for measurement of resistance, inductance capacitance using bridges. Inverting non-inverting & scale changing of signals, RC phase shift oscillator using op amps, rc coupled amplifier frequency response , rectifier circuits Schmitt-trigger, signal generator all using simulation package.

  • Transformer & Induction Machine Lab

The lab familiarizes the students with the methods of determining the efficiency of transformer using OC & SC test,Sumpner’s test, and they formed parallel operation, polarity test and Scott connection on transformers the knowledge of load test, circle diagram, speed control on induction motor is obtained from the  well equipped lab

  • DC Machines & Synchronous Machines Lab

The well equipped lab acquaints the students with load characteristic different     type of Generators, DC motors and the different test on DC motor. The regulation of    alternators by different methods, performance of synchronous generators v & inverted V curves of synchronous motor and measurement of synchronous reactances.

  • Control system Lab

In this lab, students are able to understand the applications of different types of controllers, compensating networks, unit step response of second order system & compensating networks & diff stability methods that is roots locus, bode plate, nyquist.

  • Relay & High Voltage Lab

This deals with the different Relays used in high voltage application, operating characteristics of different relays, and different scheme of protection for generators. Spark over characteristic of air insulation subjected to different condition .

  • Power System Simulation Lab

The lab familiarizes the students with the Power system simulation  using         MATLAB. Power system problems such as formation of Y bus, ABCD parameters, power angle diagrams, swing curve, Load flow analysis by Gauss sidle method, NR method fast decoupled Method for PQ, PV buses. are carried out in this lab.


A separate departmental library has been setup for the benefit of EEE faculty and students. The books present in the library gives the immense knowledge to users, other than prescribed text books, the Library also consists of reference books related to subject which are taught in the course.







The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common which is perfectly suitable to our college and our department. Our teachers are caring, encouraging & motivate us to take up new challenges. They are creative, knowledgeable & always enthusiastic to teach.Strict discipline standards are maintained in the college, yet giving us freedom to enjoy our students life.

Students of CSE Dept.

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